New updates and improvements to FormulaDesk.

  1. FormulaDesk Navigator 1.14.3

    FormulaDesk Navigator
    • New: Enable sheet tabs to be set to custom equal width, limit to a max width, or normal auto-width.

    • Fix: Error when clicking on a style in the Style Explorer.
  2. All products

    • Improved: Remove the 'Run Excel' checkbox from the installer.
    • Fix: Some licenses were not able to run product versions that were released before the license expired.
    • Fix: Rare error when clicking the enhanced sheet tabs.
  3. FormulaSpy 1.14.1

    • Fix: Color of the usages of lambda variables in the Custom Functions editor not displaying for optional lambda variables.

    • New: The custom (lambda) function feature now display the formula with syntax highlighting and formatted layout.
    • Fix: Error when using the custom function feature to view a lambda function containing nested lambda functions.
    • Fix: Text editor view in the Formula Explorer not changing color correctly to signify valid/invalid formulas during edits.
  4. FormulaSpy 1.13.0

    New Feature
    • New: Create custom (Lambda) functions from existing formulas

    Create custom (Lambda) functions from existing formulas

    Using an existing formula as an example, create a new function by selecting which parts of a formula should be changed into variables by clicking on them.

    Custom Functions Cover

  5. FormulaDesk Navigator 1.13.0

    FormulaDesk Navigator


    • When editing a formula and selecting references on other sheets by clicking the sheet tabs, the other sheet tabs display in a different color to indicate selection.


    • Problems when editing a formula and selecting references on other sheets when using the Sheet Tabs.
    • Color-selector displays multiple times when selecting a tab color.