Feature requests


  1. Enhance Quick Navigator to show all sheets by workbook.

    Quick Navigator currently shows all sheets across all open workbooks sorted by most recently accessed. The idea is to change to display to show a single column of most recently used, then columns to the right, one per open workbook, that list the sheets in the workbook in index order (or alphabetically). This allows user to quick TAB between most recently used as well as use the same CTRL+TAB shortcut to quickly access any sheet, in an order that doesn't keep changing. Optionally incorporate recent bookmarks into the most recently accessed list.

    Gareth Hayter
    #New feature#FormulaDesk Navigator


  2. Bookmark cells allowing rapid flipping between parts of workbook

    I'm thinking of something like Visual Studio CTRL+K, CTRL+K. Then I can use shortcut keys to jump around quickly.



  3. Calculation sheet for engineering formulas

    For any formula, show a calculation sheet of the build-up of the entire calculation, for use with manual verification of engineering formulas.

    Gareth Hayter
    #New feature#FormulaDesk Math


  4. Create custom (Lambda) functions from existing formulas

    Using an existing formula as an example, create a new function by selecting which parts of a formula should be changed into variables by clicking on them.

    Gareth Hayter
    #New feature#FormulaSpy