Feature requests

  1. Precedents list Named Variables along with cell addresses.

    The current Formula Spy Precedents Explorer shows a cell formula as entered - so it can have a mixed display of cell addresses and Named Variables. The result of the analysis shows the precedent cell addresses and values but doesn't show the Named Variable names. When analyzing a complex workbook, the purpose of the Names is to make it clearer - so, it would be clearer what is shown in the display if the variable Names were included alongside the cell addresses. This seems like a BIG improvement :-) It would sure help me right now.

    Fred M


  2. Allow the AVERAGE function to display values and full calculation

    As of right now excel functions show up as the function and cells included. Having the excel functions show the actual equations and values can be useful for visualizing data and formulas.

    Katie S
    #New feature#FormulaDesk Math


  3. Supercharging the trace precedents tool

    It is best to allocate a shortcut key to the function other than the default CTRL + [. Keep the default function as it is. For eg, For the BPM traverse addin the trace precedents function is called by ALT + X + R. This shortcut is always the same. Refer to the screenshot of BPM traverse attached. a. BPM Traverse has a horizontal screen which allows for easy text view. b. The font is standardized and smaller than that in FormulaSpy. This allows for east viewing of longer formulas. c. In BPM Traverse the cells which are explored are coloured as the same cell colour as on shown on the excel sheet. Furthermore, When a particular cell is selected (Like cell J205 in the BPM Traverse screenshot), the border of the same cell becomes thicker of the similar colour. Will keep sharing more ideas !

    Karanjeet S
    #New feature#Improvement#FormulaSpy


  4. Allow adding units

    Hello, As an Engineer, I often need to present my calculations with units to make them clear for the checking Engineer. The option of adding units would simplify my workflow greatly. Thank you.

    Jan K


  5. Logitech Keyboard

    Issue with using Logitech keyboards with Excel. I use it due to programming the "G" keys with micros. But when using with Excel it will jump back to a cell when trying to move to another cell. Microsoft knows this and offered a solution, but it does not hold. A day later it is back to doing the same thing. You seem to be the master at fixing or making Excel better, so I thought I would ask you.

    Jack B
    #FormulaDesk Navigator


  6. Allow for text (not equations) to display in Calculation Sheet

    Add functionality to add cells with text only to the calculation sheet. This would allow for the development of a full report rather than limiting the calculation sheet to a proof calculation of one (or many) equation. Maybe a new module is required to develop a "Report" rather than a "Sheet", including: • header/footer • allow for images • text input for notes/assumptions • allow for text input in the variables section so the variables can be categorized • say I want similar variables describing properties of "Beam A" and "Beam B" it would be nice to separate these under a different header • Or give the option to print the variables in line with the equations as they are entered into the excel sheet, sometimes its easier to not have all the variables in the beginning of the report rather show them where they are being used in the calculation sheet. As it stands, the calculations sheet function is very powerful but the application is limited, ideally this could be improved to the point where this "Calculation Report" is what gets printed as the final product rather than printing the excel sheet. If it is helpful I could create a PDF of what I would like to see this output look like? Thanks, Mario LoCoco

    Mario L


  7. Allow for drag/drop organization of tabs (similar to excel default view)

    While the usage of the side bar tab view is amazing - the downside is the ability to drag/drop the arrangement.

    Tsubasa B
    #FormulaDesk Navigator#Improvement


  8. Enhance Quick Navigator to show all sheets by workbook.

    Quick Navigator currently shows all sheets across all open workbooks sorted by most recently accessed. The idea is to change to display to show a single column of most recently used, then columns to the right, one per open workbook, that list the sheets in the workbook in index order (or alphabetically). This allows user to quick TAB between most recently used as well as use the same CTRL+TAB shortcut to quickly access any sheet, in an order that doesn't keep changing. Optionally incorporate recent bookmarks into the most recently accessed list.

    Gareth Hayter
    #New feature#FormulaDesk Navigator


  9. Bookmark cells allowing rapid flipping between parts of workbook

    I'm thinking of something like Visual Studio CTRL+K, CTRL+K. Then I can use shortcut keys to jump around quickly.



  10. Calculation sheet for engineering formulas

    For any formula, show a calculation sheet of the build-up of the entire calculation, for use with manual verification of engineering formulas.

    Gareth Hayter
    #New feature#FormulaDesk Math


  11. Create custom (Lambda) functions from existing formulas

    Using an existing formula as an example, create a new function by selecting which parts of a formula should be changed into variables by clicking on them.

    Gareth Hayter
    #New feature#FormulaSpy